Webinar: Carbon pricing as a win-win solution for a green recovery

Webinar in association with Global Solar Council.

As the global economy starts to rebound from the trauma of the pandemic, governments are faced with twin challenges:

  1. There is a need to turn promises of a green recovery into an effective set of policy instruments that provide financing and support for an unprecedented wave of clean energy investment;
  2. Public finances have been severely stretched by emergency measures during the pandemic, limiting options to raise new funds.


  • In most OECD countries tax on incomes cannot be raised further to repay recovery (it should be reduced instead)
  • General progress in terms of redesigning fiscal systems as instruments for environmental and climate policy objectives is insufficient
  • Most countries – not only oil exporters – need to move to phase out fossil fuels subsidies that are contributing to significant environmental and climate damage

The cost of green energy sources such as a solar PV have plummeted, but crisis-induced low fossil prices are still damaging their competitiveness

Putting a global price on carbon emissions presents a unique solution for overcoming post-pandemic fiscal stress and boosting the transition to green technologies.

This webinar will:

  • Explain why this is the perfect time to expand carbon pricing in the world;
  • Examine how it will work;
  • Explore the benefits to fiscal regimes, trade, investment and climate policy.

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