Webinar | The energy shock: what else do we need to get rid of fossils?

WCP Webinar in cooperation with GSC

While the world’s economies recover from the Covid pandemic, demand dynamics for many goods have led to skyrocketing energy prices, as well as those of other commodities and intermediate products. All energy capacity struggles to meet demand peaks, which is why flexibilization of demand is key. Currently, the main power and heat generation resource in advanced economies is natural gas, whose use has broadened partly because of a reduction in the use of coal resulted by climate targets and carbon pricing policies. However, even considering a high ETS allowances price, high gas prices cannot be explained by policies of transition to decarbonized energy.

In this webinar we will investigate:

  • What caused the energy price surge
  • How luckily similar spikes might happen again in a scenario of policy-driven reduction of investments in fossils
  • How carbon price policies interact with fossils price
  • To what extent this energy crunch might or should have consequences in the renewable energy policies
  • What will be the effects of the inclusion of gas and nuclear investments in the EU sustainable taxonomy

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