Worldwide Carbon Price

An initiative created to engage all relevant stakeholders to adopt carbon pricing policies at a global level.

Our goal

Connect all the different carbon pricing initiatives globally and ensure a common set of principles and terminology. Aim is to involve both private and public sector in order to advocate for carbon pricing policies.

Why “worldwide”?

Carbon emissions know no border and have the same impact on the climate irrespective of where they are produced. An effective system to limit emissions needs to be applied worldwide to avoid shifting more polluting activities to parts of our interconnected economic system where emissions cost less or have no economic cost at all.

Why “carbon”?

Carbon emissions are the main culprit of climate change and arise from a vast range of activities – from energy production, transportation, agriculture and farming, etc. Attaching a price to carbon would create an economic disincentive for all these activities, rather than adopting policies to change behaviors in all these different sectors and stimulate research and innovation for carbon emission reduction.

Why “price”?

Associating a price on carbon emissions would enable us to internalize the cost of the pollution that is driving our climate crisis.

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of economists say carbon pricing is the most efficient way to cut carbon pollution.

Source: Institute for Policy Integrity 2015

The world has
become small!

Think for a minute about this statement and the huge implications it has on how we should behave with regards to the world we live in.

The context

The world has become small because 7.5 billion people (most likely 9 billion in 2050) are too many and our impact on the Earth ecosystem is becoming unsustainable. Our sustenance needs and our requests for well-being and entertainment already determine an over-exploitation of resources that cannot be sustained for many years yet. We consume too many fossil fuels and emit too many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, cut too many forests, fish too many fish, introduce too many pollutants into the environment, we are extinguishing too many living species. In summary, we have become too many and are “devouring” the Earth.

A small world requires that actions must be shared. It is no longer permissible for everyone to do what they want. We cannot continue burning fossil fuels just because those who are warm or in a car do not even want to make the effort to think of an alternative. And the alternative is necessary because without an alternative in 50 years the world will no longer be as we know it today.

Greenhouse Gas emissions are the biggest problem humanity is fighting and to be able to cut them we need actions globally shared. We think that the best way to cat GHG is using carbon pricing globally … and the promotion of carbon price mechanisms globally is Our Mission

Why a Worldwide Carbon Price is needed

The prices we pay for the vast majority of the services we use and the goods we buy don’t reflect the cost of carbon emissions generated when they are made, distributed or consumed.
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